A downloadable game for Windows

This was more of a pick up and play game where you upgrade your character by gaining points from playing the multiple modes.

I made this around 4 or 5 years ago so it might be kinda crappy but it works.

ALL music is made by me (and its annoyingly loud). My old songs were loud.

Credit to a kind person on YOYO Games for color palette script and RPG maker 2003 for sound effects, besides that everything else is made by me.


Use Arrow keys to move (bare with me I would of made it W A S D but this was a bit ago).

Up to jump, double tap Left or Right to dash, press Down to pick up/Use items or weapons (also to throw), Hold Space for magic (when you get), and Space to attack.

Use mouse to Left Click to go down customize list and Right Click to go up.  (| |)

The Saves go into Gamemaker8 folder (just make a folder called Gamemaker 8 if you don't have a folder already)

Same for loading saves.

It's a .exe so simple! Hope you enjoy it at least a 0.01 amount.

Oddly this is a sequel to my first Spritemers game. But this had way more so I uploaded this one instead.

Install instructions

A .exe is all. SIMPLE!


SPRITEMERS Netra Galaxy DEMOver1.exe 17 MB


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This is an old project I made for fun BUT there is a chance I will add to it or fix some things after some years later.

I actually made this game in 2013 but a bit later decided to release a playable beta Demo for whoever was curious to try it out.

I do go back to old projects and add to them. Take care yall!