A downloadable game for Windows

A simple fan My little pony game with the CMC as the main characters! I had super mario and legend of zelda 2 in mind while working on this. It's a simple action side scroller.  Buuuuut it's work in progress. (all the stuff is made by me) So it takes a long time.       It is still a DEMO but eventually I'll have it finished.

There's no music yet only because I don't want the file to be big.

-Gameplay-   Use arrow keys to move left and right, UP arrow to jump, Space to shoot (hold space for super shot), Shift to use items, Enter to pause, Backspace to exit level, hold DOWN while attacking to attack low,  and 'S' to save game (I'm going to make a proper save/load screen soon). You can load saves (or save as of now) at the main menu.

So yeh this is a new game project I started 2 months ago and I'm now uploading a playable demo. (cause I do like to play the game instead of only hearing about it for years until release).

Install instructions

Just a .exe..... yesh.


MLP SuperCutieMarkSisters DemoVer1.exe 15 MB

Development log