A downloadable game for Windows

Twilife is my first game that I've uploaded only because it's more playable than the other ones. (It has more stuff done on it) This is a one person made project etc, etc.

Arcade style with battling waves of enemies and upgradable stats. (badges)

-WASD to move Space to attack, hold Space and spin to do spin attack.

-And numbers 1, 2, and 3 for use of items.

Later on I will add a feature I had in mind for the player. (busy with other stuff)

No music yet. I will add when it is more complete.

A Thanks to BenjaminBr0ny for testing my games out for me!! ^_^

-UPDATE- I've uploaded the Everfree Northwest build, it has some music mainly so it can set the mood for the game annnd so it can hold some peeps over until I can start working on this again. 10-3-2017

Hope ya enjoy!      This file build is optional just to have music and slight fixes.

Install instructions

Just a .exe file. Download then play.  Does not work on MAC... sorry -_-


MLP TwiLife GameDEMOver3.exe 19 MB
MLP TwiLife GameDEMO Ver3 EverfreeNW updated.exe 41 MB


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Big gap update but... I am still working on this game but at the same time I'm making/adding to my other games.

I did a somewhat updated version for Everfree Northwest that had music but I'll add music to the demo version WHEN I have more done on this.

p.s  I'm working on a little sequel to Resident evil gaiden and another My little pony based game.

So yeh, still making music, art, sounds, and other games.