A downloadable game for Windows

Twilife is my first game that I've uploaded only because it's more playable than the other ones. (It has more stuff done on it) This is a one person made project etc, etc.

Arcade style with battling waves of enemies and upgradable stats. (badges)

-WASD to move Space to attack, hold Space and spin to do spin attack.

-And numbers 1, 2, and 3 for use of items.

Later on I will add a feature I had in mind for the player. (busy with other stuff)

No music yet. I will add when it is more complete.

A Thanks to BenjaminBr0ny for testing my games out for me!! ^_^

-UPDATE- I've uploaded the Everfree Northwest build, it has some music mainly so it can set the mood for the game annnd so it can hold some peeps over until I can start working on this again. 10-3-2017

Hope ya enjoy!      This file build is optional just to have music and slight fixes.

Published Jun 07, 2016
StatusIn development
TagsArcade, Cute, GameMaker, mlp, mylittlepony, pony, twilightsparkle
Average sessionA few seconds

Install instructions

Just a .exe file. Download then play.  Does not work on MAC... sorry -_-


MLP TwiLife GameDEMOver3.exe 19 MB
MLP TwiLife GameDEMO Ver3 EverfreeNW updated.exe 41 MB


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Big gap update but... I am still working on this game but at the same time I'm making/adding to my other games.

I did a somewhat updated version for Everfree Northwest that had music but I'll add music to the demo version WHEN I have more done on this.

p.s  I'm working on a little sequel to Resident evil gaiden and another My little pony based game.

So yeh, still making music, art, sounds, and other games.